AdBrite is one of the smaller yet more interesting ad networks. They provide a unique format and interface for brokering your ad inventory, giving you a transparent tool for selling your ad space directly, as well as providing standard ad brokering services and decent CPMs, giving smaller web site publishers an alternative or addition to AdSense.

AdBrite, unlike many of the CPM driven networks doesn’t have stringent traffic requirements for your sites. they offer some unique ad footprints, one of the most interesting is BritePic, which adds photo-sharing and embedding tools to pictures uploaded to your site that includes a sponsor banner that generates revenue, making it a great solution if your site relies on photos for much of it’s content.

Their publisher management interface is easy to figure out and allows pretty good control of what appears on your site, they havee very flexible ad shapes, and the pay decent CPMs, as well CPC revenue options on most of their ad styles. Small publishers will find low sell percentages and CPMs, and their ‘targeted’ ads aren’t nearly as well targeted as AdSense, however, they do pay $0.10-$0.50 CPMs on banners in standard industry shapes, and mid-size sites can get 50% or greater sell percentages on their ad inventory.

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