Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most well known and widely used ad networks, by publishers and advertisers alike. AdSense is perfect for picking up the unsold inventory at the end of your multiple tiers of ad brokers, if you’re a lrger publisher with a lot of traffic, but it’s also GREAT for small web site operators and blog owners who want to monetize their web traffic.

While AdSense does offer some CPM ad options, the bulk of their system works on ‘per click’ revenue, meaning you get $0.05 – as much as a couple of dollars, every time someone clicks one of the ads on your site.Google does an excellent job of providing well targeted, niche specific ads that will induce some clicks.

The great thing about AdSense is for small publishers, you can make several dollars a day on just a few clicks, so you don’t need to be serving thousands of pages a day to make a little money, like you do with some of the CPM ad networks. Additionally, there is no real limit on how big or small your audience is for you to get approved.

For larger sites, it provides a way you can average out a $0.10-$0.20 CPM on your unsold inventory, so you have earnings potential on every page a site user looks at.  Google provides an excellent ad manager tool that allows you to filter ads, setup ad zones of all shapes and sizes, and customize an ad footprint that works for you, your site, and your users.


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