Internet Marketing

Every day, UMPS serves hundreds of “e-fluential” users who reach other people with their ideas and opinions through technology.  We are educated, income earning, technologically savvy, diverse, and large and nationwide. We are the bloggers and IMers and news readers and posters and chatters. UMPS sponsors reach the most highly coveted demographic of consumers. The users who use the Internet to communicate your message to other users via their participation in this and other communities. E-Fluential users who influence opinions.

We offer our sponsors a unique benefit in terms of search engine positioning because of the quality and audience of our communities and web sites. No tricks, no gimmicks, just great recognition from search engine algorythims because of the quality of our work.

Email us at to get started!

Banner Ads: Located throughout our sites in premium positions – assuring you of repeat views by your target audience – banner ads are an effective branding and audience building tool. 

Text Ads: Text ads are an immediate and impactful way of cost-effectively optimizing your web sites position in search engine searches. They provide a phrase and a link that search engines spider every time they visit our sites.

Contact UMPS and create a custom sponsor package that is perfect for you and your budget.

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