Don’t Be Afraid Of Technology

We do what we do with a backpack containing a laptop, a digital camera, a digital recording stick, and a cell phone. We can sit down anywhere, any time, and publish anything and have it reach thousands of people in an instant, we carry that ability with us at all times. Everyone can have that ability for under $1,000.

Just as a student of the human condition, especially in light of things like what has happened recently in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina or in the war in Iraq, being able to document and publish anything from anywhere at any time, makes it impossible for any human suffering to go unnoticed, or for any wrong to go unchallenged, or for any moment of greatness to be unappreciated.

Technology facilitates that.

One of my favorite NYFS stories is that I had the flat out luck to be at a Gulf Cost League game in 2004, and saw Nick Evans’ first professional homerun. I happened to be shooting a Quicktime video on my camera and captured it. I was able to upload that video, and have it published so that Nick’s Dad – who was 3,000 miles away in Arizona – could watch his kid’s first professional home run the very same day the kid hit it.

In the course of normal events, a GCL game is unbroadcast, unwatched even. No fans, a training field, not even a stadium, and one guy keeping stats for a boxscore. But with only what is “everyone has it in their purse” technology, it was possible for a family to “be there” in a big moment in a kids life.

In business, technology performs a similar function in that it allows you to reach people through different mediums almost instantaneously every day. Every way that you reach your constituents, is facilitated by technology. Technology is sometimes a scary word for people, but the truth is that it’s not some scary unknown to shy away from. It’s tools that help you make your dreams come true, and they get better/faster/cheaper every day.

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